Thursday, 26.8.2021
21:40 – 22:40, Frannz Club

»Über das Schreiben« (De)

Aida Baghernejad (Host), Albertine Sarges, Andreya Casablanca

Are song lyrics poetry or not? Is it justified to award a folk singer the Nobel Prize for Literature? These are issues of categorisation and evaluation that may not be important at all. For Albertine Sarges and Andreya Casablanca, the questions are much more pragmatic: they’re all active as musicians and singers, which means the words need to fit the sound. But that’s not all. All three of them have literary undertakings in one way or another. Where do the boundaries actually lie in practice? Are there any at all? How can one separate musical
and literary work when it comes to audience perception – or is it not so bad to be considered a musician who also writes? The participants and moderator Aida Baghernejad approach these and other questions in a very practical way, reporting on their everyday lives in both arts and in between.

Photos: Amely Sommer (Andreya Casablanca), Steffi Rettinger (Albertine Sarges), Tabea Mathern (Aida Baghernejad)

Aida Baghernejad, Albertine Sarges, Andreya Casablanca
Aida Baghernejad, Albertine Sarges, Andreya Casablanca

Albertine Sarges, Andreya Casablanca

Aida Baghernejad

Film Location
Frannz Club, Berlin

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