Dlina Volny


Dlina Volny’s Digital Work is a short-form mystery thriller: the Minsk band’s response to a situation in which the pandemic has taken away our ability to be free. It starts at a bus stop, where a strange driver in a rickety car wants to take the band to a show. He drives them to an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere and speeds off with screeching tires, but just moments later, greets them again at the entrance, this time in different clothes. The interior resembles a long-abandoned Soviet children’s hospital. Dlina Volny pick up their instruments and start the concert, and the room starts to fill up. Not with people, but with mannequins. And of course the stranger, who has once again slipped into a different outfit, using a console to control the action – or rather, the band. The members try to defend themselves, to break free. Whether they succeed only becomes clear after the last chorus.

Dlina Volny (Photo: Stas Kard)
Dlina Volny (Photo: Stas Kard)

Dlina Volny – Tomorrow

Yauheni Sinichenko
Masha Zinevitch
Ales Shishlo
Vad Mikutski
Daria Voronova

Alex Skidan
Production designer
Nasta Myadzelets
Yauheni Sinichenko
1ST A.C.
Ilya Zhelobkovich
Lighting crew
Vladislav Misun
Alexey Shumanski
Color Correction
Roman Baholdin
Sound design
Radio Plato
Make-up and hair
Lyubou Kniga
Focus assistant
Andrew Slavinsky
Drone operator
Alexander Spirin
Ivan Smolyar
Denis Khursin
Alex Skidan

irbis cinema

Special thanks to
Peter Shishlo
Vasil Tsiareshka
Baranovichi palace of culture
Alla Samuscheva
Larisa Sinichenko