Ian Isiah

»Precious Lord«

Ian Isiah was already being himself even before it was cool to be yourself. At least that’s how the New Yorker puts it. Just what that means in musical terms, though, is not so simple to break down: His first mixtapes ranged from electro to hip-hop and R&B to experimental sounds; his debut album »AUNTIE« from last year was based on Prince-worshipping electro-funk and soul – music that’s fun but still has a serious agenda. So does Isiah’s digital work for Pop-Kultur: »Precious Lord« was shot in the historic location of Colonial Williamsburg, its idyllic atmosphere contrasted with spoken-word interventions and a piercing performance. It’s a piece that can literally be understood as a (sound) prayer, yet it deals with very material issues: solidarity and awareness of social injustices as they shape this world.

Ian Isiah (Foto: onlunchbreak)
Ian Isiah (Foto: onlunchbreak)

Ian Isiah – Precious Lord

Directed & Produced
Nick Harwood
Ian Isiah
Jake Agger
Executive Producer
Justin Benoliel
Production Company
Object & Animal Industry Pictures
Greer Cohen
Production Sound Mixer
Phillip Redfords
Camera Operator
Zac Gaetano
Pictorial Consultant
Jason Al-Taan
Alex Tikhonov
Charles Damga
Associate Producer
Olivia Larson

„Precious Lord, Take My Hand“
Written by Thomas A. Dorsey
Produced by Nick Harwood
Keyboards by Eric Cross

Special Thanks
Amalgamated Costume & Design Studio
Ben Carey
Steve Cohen
Seth Goldman
Gotham Sound
Nissen Ritter

Filmed on location in Great Falls , Virginia
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