Thursday, 26.8.2021
17:20 – 18:00, Frannz Club


JONU are Jonathan Savkin and Nur Sera Beysun. For years, these two deaf performers have been experiencing just about everything together, dancing to the beats they feel physically. Through their reinterpretation of music, they open up a new perspective on rhythm. Their profound cooperation pulls in music as a third friend, you could say.

At Pop-Kultur, they present a video for the song »You So Done« by Noga Erez in which their perception of music becomes audible for a hearing audience. It’s an inspiring commissioned work that allows music to be felt – and more than just physically.

Credits: Jonathan Savkin & Nur Sera Beysun (performance), Pamela Schlewinski & Frank Grunert (visual concept), Mario Cordero (photography)

JONU (Photo: JONU)
JONU (Photo: JONU)

Jonathan Savkin & Nur Sera Beysun
Visual Concept
Pamela Schlewinski & Frank Grunert
Mario Cordero

Noga Erez »You So Done«