Thursday, 26.8.2021
17:20 – 18:00, Frannz Club

»Künstlerische Produktionsprozesse eines Musikvideos zwischen Gehörlosen und Hörenden« (De)

Elisabeth Kaufmann, JONU, Pamela Schlewinski (Host)

At Pop-Kultur, the performing duo JONU (Jonathan Savkin and Nur Sera Beysun) are presenting their commissioned work, a music video in which they perform to beats in German Sign Language. In the accompanying talk, after which the full digital work will be shown at Frannz Club, they will discuss with Elisabeth Kaufmann, cultural officer of the German Association of the Deaf (DGB) and project manager Pamela Schlewinski, responsible for the production of the Commissioned Works at Pop-Kultur, how such a music video is created and produced as part of a festival. They will also talk about what’s unique when deaf and hearing artists work together on such a project, how communication barriers can be overcome, and what creative insights can be gained from the collaborative work. The perspectives of associations of deaf artists will also be discussed, and in addition to all the practical questions, the talk will be about the urge to play and the love of music – about movement, rhythm and beats.

Photos: Courtesy by the penalists.

Elisabeth Kaufmann, JONU, Pamela Schlewinski
Elisabeth Kaufmann, JONU, Pamela Schlewinski

Elisabeth Kaufmann, JONU

Pamela Schlewinski

Written and composed by Noga Erez and Ori Rousso
Produced by Ori Rousso

Film Location
Frannz Club, Berlin

Film & Editing