Friday, 27.8.2021
20:40 – 21:30, Frannz Club

Popkultur 2022 / Wie könnte die Zukunft der Popkultur in pandemischen Zeiten aussehen? (De)

Ayosha Kortlang, Jennifer Beck, Sascha Ehlert (Host)

In the current pandemic, pop music in particular and pop culture in general take place almost exclusively online. Works appear, get consumed and, in the best case, get featured in a prevalent digital cultural publication. But since one of the most important aspects of pop culture – the social connection and its potential for community-building – is impossible in times of pandemic, some questions arise: How have the fans, without whom the pop business could not survive, come to terms with pop culture? What role could writing about pop culture play in this new world? What role do pop journalists want in this new normal? What can they achieve, and what forms of reporting can emerge from all of this?

In cooperation with Das Wetter – Magazin für Text und Musik.

Photos: Allegra Kortlang (Ayosha Kortlang), Jennifer Beck (Jennifer Beck), Stephanie Braun (Sascha Ehlert)

Ayosha Kortlang, Jennifer Beck, Miriam Davoudvandi, Sascha Ehlert
Ayosha Kortlang, Jennifer Beck, Sascha Ehlert

Ayosha Kortlang, Jennifer Beck

Sascha Ehlert

Film Location
Frannz Club, Berlin

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