»As If It Was All 4U«

The music of she_skin sometimes sounds as if someone had put DJ Screw tapes through the vaporwave meat grinder. But music only makes up one part of the interdisciplinary project, which in a digital work for Pop-Kultur will explore the topic of presence, raising questions of representation along the way. The subject and its environment (with the accompanying soundscape) are presented from a first-person perspective, radically dealing with issues of existence and inner balance from the present tense. Image, sound and consciousness merge into each other, separate from each other and find themselves again in the absolute present. In short, she_skin is concerned with capturing an experience that differs from person to person: the phenomenon of being there, of presence.

she_skin (Photo: J. Ferrell)
she_skin (Photo: J. Ferrell)

she_skin – hidden counterpart II

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