Saturday, 28.8.2021
19:00 – 19:40, Kino in der Kulturbrauerei (Saal 6)

»Tremolo – Ein Film über Musik für Gehörlose und Hörende« (De)

Ben Kermer, Laura Kobisch, Sonja Eismann (Host), Susanne Kermer

»Just try not to bother!« Aron’s father tells him. They haven’t seen each other for the two years since Aron’s parents separated, and that’s not the only thing coming between them: the father is a musician, and Aron is deaf. One experiences the world with his ears while the other communicates using sign language. But there is one thing they both love, in their own way, as they quickly find out: music. This is the story of the crowdfunded short film »Tremolo.« It was developed and shot by students of the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt in collaboration with D/deaf people. The films lead actor, Ben Kermer, will discuss the project along with his mother Susanne Kermer and producer Laura Kobisch, touching on the language barriers among hearing and D/deaf people and what can overcome them in film and in life: music.

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Tremolo (Filmstill)
Tremolo (Filmstill)

Ben Kermer, Laura Kobisch, Susanne Kermer

Sonja Eismann


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Kino der Kulturbrauerei, Berlin

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