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Dear Friends of Pop-Kultur!

We have some news to announce. You can learn more about our comprehensive programme on our website, where you can also buy day and festival passes as well as €5 talk and film tickets.

Additions to the Commissioned Works

Since its founding in 2012, the Berlin-based and Goethe-Institute-funded platform Border Movement has seen itself as a »cultural catalyst« and as such it values interactions—especially those between Germany and the South Asia region. On two different festival days at Club 23 (August 15th + 16th), the activist and journalist Sarah Chawla (New Delhi, India), the musician Mohamed Manal (Malé, Maldives), and others will represent the bandwidth of Border Movement’s work with concerts, DJ sets, and talks. The Berlin artists Anika,Dan Bodan, and (most recently) She’s Drunk have all participated in the exchange programme, and now the Pakistani artist Natasha Humera Ejaz aka Stupid Happiness Theory will come to the German capital from Islamabad.

Cooperation with the Museum in the Kulturbrauerei

Most documentaries about 1968 seem convinced of the idea that that particular year was a »pop« phenomenon. Beat and rock music are considered parts of a »soundtrack of the revolution« and Che Guevara posters are regarded as icons of political pop. If you look directly at the sources of time, though, things can sound quite different: in 1968, »Leave your guitars in the corner and talk to each other!« was a pop-friendly command generated at the Festival Chanson – Folklore International at Burg Waldeck in Hunsrück, one of the birthplaces of the German-language protest song. As part of a cooperation with the Museum in the Kulturbrauerei, the cultural historian Bodo Mrozek (Chair of Theory and History of Popular Music, HU Berlin) will discuss withKathrin Fahlenbrach (Professor of Media Studies at the University of Hamburg) and Berlin writer Bernd Cailloux (author of »The Fiscal Year 1968/69«). Entrance for the talk on August 16th is free.

Sign Language Interpretation (DGS)

As an interpreter of German sign languageLaura Schwengber has accompanied concerts and music videos by AnnenMayKantereit and the Babelsberger Filmorchester and translated Deutsch rap songs for a deaf audience with her entire body. At Pop-Kultur she will interpret the following programme elements: Kat Frankie’s commissioned work »Bad Behavior: Exploring the Sounds of Protest« (August 17th), the joint talk by Lizzie Doron and Klaus Ledererunder the title »Boycott« (August 15th), and the play and accompanying talk »Rausch Royal«, the commissioned work by the RambaZamba Theatre (August 16th + August 17th).


It is important to us that our festival be as barrier-free as possible. Detailed information about accessibility at our various venues can be found on our websiteFor further information please contact us by mail. 

Pop-Kultur lokal

The series »Pop-Kultur lokal«, which has made stops at Monarch, Refugio Berlin, and Schrippe Hawaii, will come to a close on July 18th and 19th at Loophole, Boddinstraße 60. Under the title »Invincibility«, six works commissioned by Loophole will be presented live by the artists ANY, Marta Zapparoli, and WJM (July 18th) as well as Angelic Sintesis, Greta Christensen, and Maria Jiki (July 19th). Entrance is free!

Warm greetings,


Pop-Kultur lokal: Call for Concepts

Dear friends,

dear organiser,

This year, »Pop-Kultur« will feature a brand-new element, »Pop-Kultur lokal«. »Pop-Kultur lokal« is a funded music event series held monthly from mid-April to mid-July, each time in a different location, and hosted by four different local event organisers and venues. It will focus on live performances, although combinations with DJ sets or talks are also possible. The selection of funded events will be made by a five-member jury (Kathrin Müller, Pop-Kultur, Alexandra Bondi de Antoni, i-D Magazine, Mary Ocher, musician, Dominique Schweizer, cultural manager, Anton Teichmann, Off-Kultur), in cooperation with the curators of »Pop-Kultur«. Information about »Pop-Kultur lokal« will be included in official festival communications and supported by the festival both promotionally and financially.

A festival like »Pop-Kultur« would not be possible without the local cultural agents who organise events every day – and our new »lokal« programme has been developed in collaboration with Dominique Schweizer and »Off-Kultur« in order to acknowledge and recognise this fact. With this project, we’d also like to prioritise the local promotion of young talent as well as the production of a diverse range of live concerts and additional musical activities not yet represented within »Pop-Kultur«. Participating artists must reside in Berlin.

We hereby announce an open call for all interested organisers to submit a one-page application containing a short programme description, date suggestions, and a simple financial plan by 10 a.m. on 7 March 2018, as a PDF via e-mail. The grant for concept, artists, and realisation is €2,000 per event. The events themselves should be free and unticketed.

As far as content goes: female artists must comprise at least 50% of the proposed programmes. Applicants are requested to make the event barrier-free. Efforts should likewise be made to integrate people with disabilities into the line-up, and preference will also be given to applications that explicitly address diversity and in particular take steps to strengthen the LGBT and POC communities.

The events should be scheduled to take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. Preference will be given to venues and organisers who have not previously been supported by the Musicboard.

Applications should be sent as a PDF to (please specify whether you are applying as a private organiser or as a GbR, club, GmbH, etc).

Pop-Kultur 2018: Tickets!


Dear Friends of Pop-Kultur,

Pop-Kultur wlll take place for the fourth time from August 15th-17th, 2018. Because our guests and everyone else involved loved the Kulturbrauerei so much last year, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be able to call it home once again this coming summer during the festival.

As a first-time special, we are offering heavily discounted tickets, called »Pop-Kultur Advantage«, to those willing to buy before we announce who will be performing, singing, dancing, presenting, and discussing with us this summer. We reward your confidence in our programme with an unbeatable low price. The festival ticket »Pop-Kultur Advantage«, which is valid for every event on all three days, is available in our ticket shop from 7.2. until 9.4. for the meager price of 40€ plus fees.