Saturday, 28.8.2021
21:20 – 22:20, Kino in der Kulturbrauerei (Saal 6)

»Erotik Toy Records – Freundschaft, Rap und Zärtlichkeit« (De)

Florida Juicy, Jay Pop, Mara Spitz (Host), Tightill

»Stadtmusikbande (Bremen, 1992)« is the rather dry title of a »Youth Wars«-style mockumentary. But it wasn’t shot by a ratings-hungry private broadcaster, and of course it’s not real minstrels and bandits who meet in the pub Zum blauen Manfred but in fact members of the Erotik Toy Records collective. They make music, too, of course, but this German-language short film is primarily aimed at examining the scandalisation of urban (sub)culture. It’s not a one-sided approach, though, as further issues are raised beyond mere media criticism. How does hip-hop culture itself reinforce and reproduce clichés? Following a screening of the mockumentary, Erotic Toy Records members Florida Juicy, Jay Pop and Tightill will discuss these issues with host Mara Spitz.

Photos: Charlott Cobler (Mara Spitz), Florida Juicy (Florida Juicy), Jay Pop (Jay Pop), Tightill (Tightill)

Florida Juicy, Jay Pop, Tightill, Mara Spitz
Florida Juicy, Jay Pop, Tightill, Mara Spitz

Florida Juicy, Jay Pop, Tightill

Mara Spitz

Film Location
Kino in der Kulturbrauerei, Berlin

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