Wednesday, 25.8.2021 / Thursday, 26.8.2021 / Friday, 27.8.2021 / Saturday, 28.8.2021
17:00 – 22:00, Ping Pong Chat

»Ping Pong Chat«

The installation work »Ping Pong Chat« opens up a performative, experiential space that relies on interaction from a queer-feminist understanding in the midst of a safer space. In the field of tension between sound and content, ping and pong, the sound installation lets new conversations and discursive results unfold in the sound installation »zwischen« (»between«) by Mars Dietz, artistically transferring the focussed social togetherness of table tennis as a low-threshold, contact-free sport (re)discovered by many during the lockdowns to a communicative situation. All you need is two rackets, a ball and an opponent. But what comes out is usually much more than the sum of its parts: a distinguished confrontation with the places surrounding us, the people facing us and the social mechanisms between us.

Credits:Yeşim Duman (concept & idea), Mars Dietz (sound installation & music), Jana Wassong (set design), Frank Grunert (light design)

Photo Credits: Jana Wassoung (Drawing), Mars Dietz (Mars Dietz)