Thursday, 26.8.2021
20:40 – 21:30, Frannz Club

»Tops or Bottoms – Queer Talk on Diversity in Cultural Work« (En)

Achan Malonda, Divina Kuan (Host), Juri Wasenmüller, LUX VENEREA (aka naya)

Cultural institutions have made noticeable efforts towards diversity in recent years – but what does that actually mean? And is any form of inclusion really free of hierarchy? Divina Kuan will host »Tops or Bottoms« to take a critical look at anti-discriminatory work in the field of art and culture from a decidedly queer perspective, joined by author Juri Wasenmüller, musician and activist Achan Malonda and comedian and House of Living Colors member LUX VENERA (aka naya). As much as institutions like to say that they’re open to everyone, they themselves are affected by fundamental structures – as living in a class society affects access and visibility at least as much as questions of identity and belonging. This talk will explore taking on fluid constructs and pushing them forward.

Photos: Demetrius Lakakis (Achan Malonda), Divina Kuan (Divina Kuan), Julian Curico (LUX VENEREA aka naya) Nils Lucas (Juri Wasenmüller)

Juri Wasenmüller, LUX VENEREA, Divina Kuan, Achan Malonda
Juri Wasenmüller, LUX VENEREA, Divina Kuan, Achan Malonda

Achan Malonda, Juri Wasenmüller, LUX VENEREA (aka naya)

Divina Kuan

Film Location
Frannz Club, Berlin

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