Friday, 27.8.2021
21:30 – 22:20, Kino in der Kulturbrauerei (Saal 6)

»Was ist Krautrock?« (De)

Christoph Dallach, Daniel Jahn (Host), Harald Grosskopf, Renate Knaup

Kraftwerk will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, CAN recently hit the charts with their new live album, and Faust will celebrate their 50th anniversary with a box set of their early work. Krautrock is on everyone’s lips. Emerging from Germany at the end of the sixties as a new, striking form of music, this movement and its pioneers are now the subject of numerous retrospectives and book publications. But »kraut« is experiencing a new appreciation from more than just a historical perspective: many contemporary artists are taking up the music’s influences and footprints and exploring them anew in their work. Musical pioneers Renate Knaup and Harald Grosskopf, music journalist and author Christoph Dallach (»Future Sounds – Wie ein paar Krautrocker die Popwelt revolutionierten«) and Daniel Jahn from the label Bureau B will get to the bottom of the question of what lies behind the mere term of krautrock. How is this phenomenon best described? And what relevance does it still have today?

Photos: Anh Thu Vu (Daniel Jahn), Enrique Escorza (Harald Grosskopf) Maria Ueberschaer (Renate Knaup), Stefanie Dallach (Christoph Dallach)

Christoph Dallach, Harald Grosskopf, Renate Knaup, Daniel Jahn
Christoph Dallach, Harald Grosskopf, Renate Knaup, Daniel Jahn

Christoph Dallach, Harald Grosskopf, Renate Knaup

Daniel Jahn

Film Location
Kino in der Kulturbrauerei, Berlin

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